Mid-Year Tryout Registration for the 2022/23 season is open! Go to our MID-YEAR TRYOUT REGISTRATION page to register your player.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are tryouts?
Tryouts for the Rangers competitive teams are held in late May and/or early June each year for the coming soccer seasonal year. Generally there will be a minimum of two dates setup for each age group. It is highly recommended that players attend both tryouts if possible.

Do I need to attend all of the tryout dates for my age?
It is *HIGHLY* preferred that a player attend all of the tryout days if at all possible. We do understand that sometimes prior plans prohibit this and if that is the case then make effort to at LEAST attend one session for your age group.

What if I cannot attend any of my tryout dates?
If for some reason you are completely unable to attend ANY of the dates for your age group, please go ahead and register for the tryouts and add into the “Tryout Conflicts” section your inability to attend and reason for conflict so that coaches are aware of your desire to play. Coaches may contact you about attending one of the other age groups tryout dates or arranging an alternative tryout period.

What do players need to bring to tryouts?
Players should dress in appropriate soccer gear (shorts, t-shirts, cleats, shin guards, and soccer socks) and bring a properly sized, fully inflated ball and water to drink.

What to do when we arrive at tryouts?
Arrive a few minutes early. There will be an area for each player to check-in so that we can verify the registrations and collect medical releases. The coaches will call players to the field when the actual tryout activities are ready to begin.

How are players evaluated?
Prospective players will be evaluated by the Rangers coaches and staff in various activities. Coaches will evaluate players based on their technical and physical ability along with their tactical understanding of the game.

When will I know the results of Tryouts?
When tryouts are over, players may be offered a spot on one of the GSC Rangers competitive teams. Those offered will be contacted by the coach of that team and it is important to be ready with a decision as this is time imperative. The coaches and staff will work to make as timely decisions as possible, however some teams may form quicker than others dependent upon the number of players who tried out for that division and timeliness of the player responses.