GSC Rangers Info

Who/What are the Gallatin Soccer Club Rangers?
The GSC Rangers are the competitive Club Teams that represent Gallatin Soccer Club. Unlike the in-house Rec league which forms teams to play against each other in a recreational setting, the Rangers club teams compete against teams from other Middle Tennessee and surrounding area clubs in a more competitive environment. This can be in the form of “friendly” matches or in sanctioned tournaments.

Why play for the GSC Rangers?
The GSC Rangers provide a more competitive environment for those players looking to take the next step developmentally and will focus on individual player development more than a purely recreational program. It provides and environment where the player can grow both technically and tactically.

Is playing for the GSC Rangers expensive?
While the cost of playing for a Club Team is generally more expensive than playing recreational soccer, Gallatin Soccer Club offers the Rangers program as an AFFORDABLE OPTION to other more costly local clubs. GSC charges a very modest “club fee” relative to competing local clubs. Beyond that your money goes directly to fund your player via uniforms, game / tournament costs, or equipment. We can do this because GSC is a volunteer organization, even down to our GSC Rangers coaches (*).

What costs are involved?
Below is an approximation of costs which are based on playing a FULL SEASONAL YEAR from August – May. For GSC, the Club Fee includes registration for the player with TSSA, coaches registration with TSSA, and other club expenses. Team fees vary per team and are determined by number of Games, Tournaments, or League play and may also include accommodations for coach(es) if an overnight stay is required.

Players are responsible for purchase of their own equipment including uniforms, practice shirts, balls, shin guards. Full home and away uniform kits are required with new kits purchased generally every other year. A Gold practice shirt is required for all teams. Uniforms and practice shirts are all available through the team store. Approximate prices for those items are listed below. Players are also responsible for any personal travel expenses for games.

Club Fee $120
Uniform $150
Coach Fees FREE/MIN*
Total $270 + Team Fees
* Travel expenses may be paid by team. Some coaches receive modest monetary compensation

What about coaching?
Although primarily volunteers, GSC Rangers coaches meet all of the same Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) licensing requirements as all other Select clubs. GSC assists in helping our coaches further their coaching education to raise the overall level of play across all of our Rangers teams.

How are teams formed?
Teams are formed by players being selected by coaches and/or staff from a pool of players that come to an open tryout. These tryouts are held during the late Spring/Summer and form teams for the following Fall/Spring seasons. You can find more information in the “Tryouts” section in the Competitive menu or by clicking HERE. Occasionally there are additional tryouts to “fill-in” spots on a team though these tryouts can only be attended by recreational players or players not already committed to another club team.

What type of games are played?
Teams may participate in “Friendly” games against other clubs which are similar to an exhibition match that do not affect any tournament or league play. Tournaments usually consist of 3-4 games played over a 2-3 day weekend. U12 and older teams may participate in the Tennessee State League where they compete over an entire season against other teams from around the state of TN to determine a state championship while U11 and younger may participate in the TSSA Junior Developmental League. The club and coaches work together to decide which teams will participate in league play.

When do club teams play?
Friendly matches are scheduled by the team coaches and generally are on Saturday or Sunday in the afternoons. Tournaments however will generally require players be available most of the day on both Saturday and Sunday. If a team is playing in a local tournament they may be asked to play on a Friday evening as well. While somewhat rare, local games may occasionally happen on a weeknight as well.

How long is the season?
Most teams will begin play in early August and play through October to Mid-November. They will resume play in February or March and continue into May. Many teams also offer indoor winter trainings and participate in local indoor soccer tournaments.
**Note – Teams of HS age generally only play when HS soccer is in “off-season”.

When and how often is practice?
Teams practice 2-3 times per week. Specific practice days vary by team.

Is there a lot of travel involved?
With input from the club, the individual teams set their own scheduled and determine how far they travel and the number of tournaments to participate in. For most teams, the majority of games are right here in Middle Tennessee with many in Sumner or the surrounding counties. Some teams looking for more varied competition or participating in State League play might travel within the state or occasionally to neighboring states. Even for those teams, overnight travel is usually limited to one or two weekends per season.

How do I access the GSC Rangers TEAM STORE
CLICK HERE to visit the GSC Rangers SOCCER.COM team store to pick up uniforms or spirit wear!

Can a player play Recreational and Club/Select soccer
Playing Club/Select Soccer generally requires a commitment that interferes with playing a regular recreational soccer schedule. So, while some recreational clubs may allow this, to be fair to Rec only players at GSC, the Gallatin Soccer Club generally does not register players for recreational soccer if the player is registered and will actively play as a Select player. Any exceptions must be approved by the GSC board and generally are for a single “cross-over” season.