GSC Rangers

Who are the Gallatin Soccer Club Rangers?
The GSC Rangers are the competitive Club Teams that represent the Gallatin Soccer Club.

What is a “Club Team”?
This is known to people by different names such as “Club”, “Select”, or simply to some as “Travel Ball”. Unlike the in-house recreational league which forms teams to play against each other in a recreational setting, the Rangers club teams compete against teams from other Middle Tennessee and surrounding area clubs in a more competitive environment. This can be in the form of “friendly” matches or in sanctioned tournaments.

How are teams formed?
Teams are formed by players being selected by coaches and/or staff from a pool of players that come to an open tryout. These tryouts are held during the summer and form teams for the Fall/Springs seasons. You can find more information in the “Tryouts” section in the Competitive menu. Occasionally there are additional tryouts to “fill-in” spots on a team though these tryouts can only be attended by recreational players or players not already committed to another club team.

When do club teams play?
Friendly matches are scheduled by the team coaches and generally are on Saturday or Sunday in the afternoons. Tournaments however will generally require players be available most of the day on both Saturday and Sunday. If a team is playing in a local tournament they may be asked to play on a Friday evening as well.

Is there a lot of travel involved?
The individual teams have input on how much and how far they travel and the number of tournaments to participate in. For most teams, the majority of games are right here in Middle Tennessee with many in Sumner or the surrounding counties. Some teams looking for more varied competition might travel within the state or occasionally to neighboring states. Even for those teams, overnight travel is usually limited to a single tournament per season.

Is playing for the GSC Rangers expensive?
The cost of playing for a Club Team is generally more expensive than playing recreational soccer, but the GSC Rangers work to keep it from being cost prohibitive. The GSC Rangers offer some of the most affordable teams in Middle Tennessee and often are *significantly* more affordable than other local clubs.

What costs are involved?
The exact costs are team dependent. Tournament play costs more than playing friendly matches against other local clubs. The major costs associated are registration for each player with the Tennessee State Soccer Association, Uniforms (home and away uniforms are needed), and the games themselves.

Can a player play Recreational and Club/Select soccer
Playing Club/Select Soccer generally requires a commitment that interferes with playing a regular recreational soccer schedule. So, while some recreational clubs may allow this, to be fair to Rec only players at GSC, the Gallatin Soccer Club currently does not register players for recreational soccer if the player is registered and will actively play as a Select player.