Coaching Requirements

Prior to coaching in a game or practice, there are a few quick requirements that have to be completed yearly to satisfy US Soccer Federation / US Youth Soccer / Tennessee State Soccer polices, and Federal and State Laws. These are required of all coaches whether recreational or competitive.

Items Needed
Background Check – Required
Concussion Training – Required
SafeSport Training – Required
Uploading Certificates – Required

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training – ***Recommended***

Details for completing each of these is listed below:

Background Check (Required) will take you directly to the TSSA background check page. Gallatin Soccer Club has also provided a short WALKTHROUGH for assistance if you run into any issues.

Concussion Training (Required)
To satisfy the concussion training requirement, choose ONE of the below approved courses. Please make sure to SAVE your completion certificate at the end so that you may upload it into Affinity (same system used for background check). You will need to create an account, but the training is FREE.
NFHS – Concussion in Sports
CDC – Concussions in Youth Sports

SafeSport Training (Required)
SafeSport is a new initiative in player safety. As a member of the US Soccer Federation, this is a required training for all coaches and administrators. MAKE SURE that US Soccer is selected as the organization. Your director will provide the necessary code to you to complete registration, or it is available in Affinity on your certificates page (see uploading certs below). Again, please make sure to SAVE your completion certificate.
Begin SafeSport Training

Uploading Certificates (Required)
You need to upload your training completion certificates into Affinity so that they can be approved and kept on file. We have created a simple WALKTHROUGH that contains screenshots to assist you.

Cardiac Arrest Training (Recommended)
Gallatin Soccer Club currently RECOMMENDS but does NOT REQUIRE Sudden Cardiac Arrest training for Recreational coaches. Board Members and Directors are expected to complete this training however.
NFHS – Sudden Cardiac Arrest