Next week is trophy week!

Posted on 7th May 2016 in Information Update

Thank you for a great season!  You should have gotten your pictures and next week you’ll be receiving your trophy after your game.


When the temperatures are low players may wear sweats UNDER their uniform.  Jerseys and socks must be visible during game play.

REFEREES will be checking in teams 10 minutes before GAME TIME.  Please try and be here at least 15 minutes before your game time unless your coach requests an earlier arrival.

SHIN GUARDS are required during practice and games.  All jewelry and hard hair accessories are considered a safety hazard and are not allowed on the soccer field.  Please avoid an uncomfortable situation on game day and have all jewelry and hard hair accessories removed before game check in.

SMOKING (including E cigarettes) is allowed in the parking lots but not on grassy areas.




The links page has been updated with English and Spanish Parent Code of Conduct, Golf Cart Guidelines, and special instructions for each age group.

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Fall 2015 Pictures!!!

Posted on 7th April 2016 in Pictures

The Fall 2015 pictures have been uploaded.

Click here to view the full gallery.

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Posted on 1st April 2016 in Pictures



MORE pictures are posted every week on our FACEBOOK page.

Click here to view the full gallery.

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Concussion Policy

Posted on 22nd March 2016 in Information Update


Tennessee Sports Concussion Law and
Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) Concussion Policy

In accordance with the Tennessee Public Chapter 148 Legislation and the TSSA Policy 31, it is mandatory that the Gallatin Soccer Club (GSC) informs and educate coaches, youth athletes and their parents and require them to sign respective concussion information forms before competing. More information on this is available at Tennessee Sports Concussion Law and TSSA Concussion Policy.

Parent (with child under the age of 18) or Player (age 18)
In compliance with the legislation, the GSC issued the Parent Athlete Signature Form when registering for the Fall 2015 season.

Online registration required review and acceptance of this form in order to complete registration and no further action is required.

If you did not register online, you were provided the form to review and sign during the registration process. No further action is required.

In compliance with the legislation, the GSC requires:

1.) Review and sign the annual Coach Signature Form. Please print, review, and return the signed form to your division Director at the Coaches Meeting on August 22nd.

2.) Be familiar with the Concussion Checklist.

3.) Complete a Concussion Recognition and Head Injury safety education course approved by the Tennessee Health Department. This is a video that takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. Please print the certification provided upon completion of the course and return to your division Director at the Coaches Meeting on August 22nd.

Following a Suspected Concussion
In accordance with the with Tennessee Public Chapter 148 Legislation and TSSA Policy 31 it is the policy of the GSC:

a.) To require removal of a youth athlete who appears to have suffered a concussion from play or practice at the time of the suspected concussion.

b.) To require a youth athlete to be cleared by a licensed health care professional before returning to play or practice. The Return to Play Form contains specific instructions that must be followed before an athlete can return to sports. This will be provided at the Coaches Meeting on August 22nd.

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On-line registration is CLOSED!

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Click Here to Register

Please note our fees have changed. REGISTRATION-$55 UNIFORM-$20
We will continue to use your Fall uniform in the Spring season. (Registration Fee for returning 2015 Fall players will be $55 in the Spring.)


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GSC recreational soccer policies

Posted on 19th September 2015 in Information Update

GSC does NOT allow registered club/select players (Div 3, academy, Div 2, Div 1) to participate in our recreational program.

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Fall 2014 Team Pictures

Posted on 25th June 2015 in Pictures

The team pictures for the Fall 2014 season have been posted. Click here to view the full gallery.

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For more information contact Lee Kelley at 615-598-7826

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Volunteer background/risk management link

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ALL COACHES/ASSISTANT COACHES MUST COMPLETE BACKGROUND CHECK FOR THIS COMING SEASON! You will need a user name and password. If you registered your child on-line it will be the same one you set up then. Our club in the drop down menu is “Gallatin Area Soccer Club.” Your DOB may be wrong, so make sure you change it when filling in your form.If you have problems call the 800 number.

All head and assistant coaches must go to this web site and complete a back ground check before the coach’s meetings on August 22nd. You will receive an email confirming you’ve completed the application for a background check. Please print this and bring to coach’s meeting. Let your director know when you have completed this so we can print your completion report.



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