Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Once a player is registered that refunds are generally NOT offered by Gallatin Soccer Club UNLESS the club is unable to place the player on a team due to no fault of the player/parents.

GSC does not accept requests for, nor can it guarantee players/parents will be assigned to any particular team, coach, game times, or practice times / locations.

Not receiving preference for any of these shall not be grounds for requesting or receiving a refund. Anyone who needs to have input on their practice days/times should volunteer to coach to be able to be involved in selecting those times.

Any *exception* requests to this policy (or ANY other refund requests) MUST be sent, via email, to explaining the reason for the refund exception request with the subject:

Refund Request – {Player Name}

The refund request should also include in the body of the email:

Player Name
Player DOB (for verification)
Parent Name
Current address in which to send the refund
Address that was used for registration (if different)

These exceptions requests will be reviewed at the next regular meeting of the GSC board of directors.