Golf Cart Guidelines

GSC Golf Cart Guidelines Signature

The following guidelines have been developed for your safety and the safety of others while operating golf carts:

  1. Each operator of a cart should have a valid driver’s license. Do not allow minors to operate the golf cart under any circumstances.
  2. The number of passengers allowed on the cart should be restricted to the number of seats available on the cart. Most carts are designed for a driver and one passenger.
  3. Golf Carts may NOT be parked on or near soccer fields.  All golf carts need to be parked away from games and walking traffic.
  4. The keys should always be removed, brakes set, and cart secured when it is unattended. Parking on inclines should be avoided whenever possible.
  5. The carts should not be operated by anyone while drinking an alcoholic beverage, and should never be operated by an intoxicated or medicated driver.
  6. The cart operator/owner releases GSC from any and all legal liability in any accidents resulting from Golf Carts.  .
  7. The operator should always operate the cart in a defensive manner. The operator should never assume that he/she has the right of way. Pedestrians should be approached with caution and should be made aware of the operator’s presence – a horn or bell may be appropriate. The operator should be aware of and react properly to bicyclists and motor vehicles.
  8. The cart should not be operated on public roads. In the event that the golf cart must be operated on a public road for a short distance, all traffic signals and right of way rules should be obeyed.
  9. Equipment or supplies should not be carried unless secured properly to prevent objects from falling from the cart.
  10. Caution should be used when reversing. Operators should make sure that there are not persons or obstructions behind the golf cart.



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