Coaches Meeting

Saturday March 11th will be our Spring 2017 coaches meeting. Immediately following the coaches meeting for each age group will be a coaching clinic where some of the GSC Rangers coaches will discuss and demonstrate age appropriate practice sessions. Please be prepared to attend!

U12 / U15
Meeting – 8 AM
Clinic – 9 AM

U8 / U10
Meeting – 9 AM
Clinic – 10 AM

U6 / KR
Meeting – 10 AM
Clinic – 11 AM

Wear athletic shoes for the coaching clinic as some may be asked to participate in the activities. Nobody will be judging your playing ability, it is just helpful and more conducive to learning to be able to demonstrate an activity as opposed to just talking about it.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest / Concussion Education

Links for Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Youth Sports Concussion trainings are provided below. Note, for the NFHS site you will need to create an account, but the actual SCA and Concussions classes are free. This is recommended as you can actually store your result and go back and re-print your certificate if necessary. For concussions, the CDC training site is also provided but note, your result is not stored so you would need to re-complete the training if needing to re-print your certificate.

Concussion Training (choose one):
NFHS – Concussion in Sports
CDC – Concussions in Youth Sports

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training:
NFHS – Sudden Cardiac Arrest