U10 – Special Instructions (these rules are in addition to FIFA)


  • CONCUSSION  information and signature form must be completed and signed before player will be allowed to practice or play in game.
  • Player may not participate in any way when wearing a CAST or HARD SPLINT.  Returning to play must be accompanied by a doctor’s note.
  • SHIN GUARDS MUST BE WORN AT ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES.  Complete uniform must be worn at all games, to include socks, shorts and jerseys.  NO JEWELRY, no exceptions.  NO hard hair accessories.  If warmer clothes are needed they need to be worn under the soccer uniform.
  • TEAM SIZES:  U10 games are 6V6  (including goal keeper)
  • FANS:  All fans will be located across from the players 1 yard from the touch (side) line.  Fans are not allowed behind goals, behind corner flags OR on the team side.  One coach and one assistant coach will be allowed on the team side of the field.
  • HALVES:  The game is divided into two equal halves of 25 minutes each with a break between halves.   The half-time break is up to five minutes.  Beginning of game and half is a kick-off from center mark.
  • TWO TOUCH RULE:  At kick-off, as well as all other times when the ball is put in play,   the kicker may only kick the ball once. The ball must touch another player before the initial kicker can kick it again.  The penalty results in the ball given to the other team.
  • INBOUNDING:   Throw-ins are applicable for U10 as explained in the FIFA Laws of the Game.   Players have only one chance to execute the throw-in correctly:  two feet down, ball behind head thrown straight over the head.  If a foul is committed, the ball is given to the opposing team for a throw-in.  Defenders must be 2 yards from the player executing the throw in.
  • GOAL KICKS:  A goal kick is awarded to the defending team when a ball is kicked over the end line by an offensive player.  The ball is placed on the corner of the goal box. A goal kick may be taken by anyone on the defensive team.  The ball may not be touched again until it crosses over the penalty area line (18 yard line).
  • DISTANCE:  Players should be at least 10 yards from all free kicks.  Defending players stay outside the center circle until ball is kicked on kick-offs.
  • FREE KICKS:  FIFA Laws of the Game are followed.    In-direct kicks are indicated by the referee’s arm up until the ball has been touched a 2nd time after the initial kick.  Direct kicks are signaled by the direction of the kick.
  • SCORING:  Goals may be scored from center kick-offs and corner kicks.  Goals may not be scored from throw-ins OR in-direct free kicks.
  • SUBSTITUTIONS:  With the referee’s permission, substitutions may be made on your own team’s throw-in, on either team’s goal kick, following a goal by either team and at half-time breaks.  Players leaving the field do so at the half way line.  Players entering the field do so at the half way line, in that order.
  • SCORE:  GSC uses a 5-goal-rule.  If a team leads the game by 5 goals, the players that have scored those goals will not be eligible to score another goal until the score does not show a team leading by 5 goals.  If a non-eligible player scores the goal will not count and a goal kick will be the restart.
  • FOOTWEAR:  Tennis shoes are acceptable.  Referee will be checking cleats for safety.  NO METAL CLEATS.
  • GSC does not allow club/select players to play in our recreational divisions.

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