KICKROOS – Special Instructions


  • CONCUSSION information and signature form must be completed and signed before player will be allowed to practice or play in game.
  • Player may not participate in any way when wearing a CAST or HARD SPLINT. Returning to play must be accompanied by a doctor’s note.
  • SHIN GUARDS MUST BE WORN AT ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES. Complete uniform must be worn at all games, to include socks, shorts and jerseys. NO JEWELRY, no exceptions. NO hard hair accessories. If warmer clothes are needed they need to be worn under the soccer uniform.
  • FOOTWEAR: Tennis shoes are acceptable. Referee will be checking cleats for safety. NO METAL CLEATS.
  • TEAM SIZES:  Kickaroo games are 3V3
  • HALVES: The game is divided into 2 equal halves of 10 minutes each with a break between halves. The half-time break is up to five minutes.
  • KICK-OFF: The team taking the kick-off needs to kick the ball forward and play toward the 3 furthest goals. Defending team stays outside the circle until the ball is kicked.
  • TWO TOUCH RULE: The two-touch rule (Kick-offs and kick-ins the kicker cannot touch the ball again until it touches another player or goes out of play) is encouraged as a teaching tool but no penalties are enforced. The mission is to teach while letting the children play.
  • IN BOUNDING: When the ball exits the field by going completely over the goal/touch line the ball is placed on the line and kicked in by the team that did not kick it out. The kick in may be played to the three goals furthest from the kick in point. The referee or coach should block the nearest goal so the ball cannot be played into it.
  • DISTANCE: Players should be at least 2 yards from all free kicks. Defending players stay outside the center circle until ball is kicked on kick-offs.
  • FREE KICKS: ALL free kicks (kicks resulting from penalties) are indirect. No penalty kicks.
  • SUBSTITUTIONS: Open substitutions. This means either team may substitute anytime the ball leaves the field of play, WITH THE REFEREES PERMISSION.
  • COACHES ON THE FIELD OF PLAY: At this age, coaches may enter the field of play and coach their teams. We must remember, however, that the mission is to insure the safety of all the children and to enhance the chances of everyone enjoying the game. Scores are not kept, as we want both teams to enjoy the sport of soccer.

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