Age Groups

Kickeroos– mostly 3 year olds and some 2 year olds **Must be potty trained which is defined as NO diapers or pull-ups**

U6 Girls and Boys– mostly ages 4 and 5
U8 Girls and Boys– mostly ages 6 and 7
U10 Girls and Boys– mostly ages 8 and 9
U12 Coed – mostly ages 10 and 11


**Based on the number of players at registration, older age divisions may or may not have enough players to make a team.
U14/15  Coed – ages 12, 13 and 14 (this division may be U14 or U15 depending on population in this age)
U18 Coed –  ages 14 through 17- play an alternate schedule and will travel to other clubs.  18-year-olds that are currently enrolled in HS may continue to play on these teams.


When is the birthday cut-off?
As of the Fall 2016 season, the age cutoff is January 1st. Your child’s birth year determines their playing age. Players do not change divisions between Fall and Spring however.


Please reference the below chart provided by US Soccer when checking the age of your player. Ages below U6 are not listed on the chart but can easily be determined by continuing the sequence. GSC combines ages generally into even age groups (ex U5/U6 both play as U6). Note, Kickeroos would be U4.


SOC_1511047 BirthYearChart 577x291