Next week is trophy week!

Posted on 7th May 2016 in Information Update

Thank you for a great season!  You should have gotten your pictures and next week you’ll be receiving your trophy after your game.


When the temperatures are low players may wear sweats UNDER their uniform.  Jerseys and socks must be visible during game play.

REFEREES will be checking in teams 10 minutes before GAME TIME.  Please try and be here at least 15 minutes before your game time unless your coach requests an earlier arrival.

SHIN GUARDS are required during practice and games.  All jewelry and hard hair accessories are considered a safety hazard and are not allowed on the soccer field.  Please avoid an uncomfortable situation on game day and have all jewelry and hard hair accessories removed before game check in.

SMOKING (including E cigarettes) is allowed in the parking lots but not on grassy areas.




The links page has been updated with English and Spanish Parent Code of Conduct, Golf Cart Guidelines, and special instructions for each age group.

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